Sunday, May 17, 2009

Game 1 Summer 09

It was a close game. Chris and Peter both did a good job pitching. There were errors by THE TEAM but they were spread out and we avoided one of those huge run baccanalias that we have experienced in the past. There were minimals strikouts when we batted. We just came up short. 12-9

But really it was all about Destanie absolutely roasting that runner on second. It was such a heads up play and she did a perfect job selling the throw. She sent him skidding through the dirt for a great out.

Maybe that's why he turned into Breakin' 2 Electric Boogaloo in the last inning when he threw Leigh Anne out at first. We all though his outpouring was a little excessive but maybe he was still feeling the sting of getting fooled by the fake throw like a frisky puppy.



Sunday, May 3, 2009

Practice Game Malfunction

It was great to be back on the field. We have tangled with Variety Pak before. They are a sweet bunch aren't they? Of course they aren't so sweet when they are pounding us 8-5.

THE TEAM looks good though. There was solid hitting all around. Even if we weren't getting on base we were making contact so I'm sure we can look forward to going undefeated. Lou brought Sarah in for our first run. Sandy made a couple of strong defensive plays. We all looked sharp in our summer whites.

00 CJ
1 Destanie
3 Lou
4 Jenny
11 Dave
12 Lillian
13 Sandy
14 Leigh Anne
18 Rick
24 Peter
26 Meredith
27 John
31 Victor
42 Sarah
99 Chris