Monday, October 26, 2015

Game 6 - F League F is for Fiasco

Dennis is asshole

Why Charlie Hate

Dennis is Bastard Man

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Monday, October 19, 2015

Not Game 5 & The First Round

Hot Sunday could not wrangle up enough ladies.  There were only 7 Hot Sundays.  Lucky for everyone Natasha and Melody brought their Hot Sundays over to the other dugout and there was a game type experience anyway.  It was good practice.

The person who kind of got screwed was Jimmy.  He went 4 for 4 with a Double, a Triple and 5 RBIs in a game that didn't count.

Jimmy didn't get to pad his stats but a win is a win.  THE TEAM finished the first round undefeated so the playoff spot is secured and F League better be ready.

Let's look at the leaders like we always do

Batting Avg Gentlemen

Lou .929
Peter .875
Rick .833

Batting Avg Ladies

Natasha .750
Melody .667
Daniyel .667

RBIs Gentlemen

Victor 18
Lou 17
Peter 12

RBIs Ladies

Natasha 7
Dora 4
Melody 2
Kelly 2


Lou 5
Natasha 5
Dave 3
Rick 3
Peter 2
Victor 2
Kelly 1
Melody 1
Dora 1


Victor 2
Peter 1
Rick 1

Home Runs

Lou 5
Peter 3
Victor 3

That's how you go undefeated in the first round


Monday, October 12, 2015

Game 4 - The End of Fun

Not the end of fun for THE TEAM.  No No!  THE TEAM had lots of fun administering the greatest ass whipping in the history of THE TEAM.  THE TEAM really opened a can... no a 55 gallon drum... no...

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Here it comes
The phrase "a can of whoop ass" is so tired.  The point is THE TEAM has never scored so many runs or won by such a wide margin.  When THE TEAM played Breaking Bats in the first game of the season it was a borderline embarrassing 9-4 win.  Usually a team of beginners like Breaking Bats will figure a few things out and get tougher as the season moves along but not this time.

The official score was 35-5 but once THE TEAM started giving outs away by stepping on the plate, the umpire stopped keeping count.  THE TEAM actually scored 43 runs.  Now you know why a mere "can" does not begin to tell the story.

THE TEAM hit .809 with 8 Home Runs 2 Triples and 6 Doubles.  There were also 9 Walks in there and only 1 Strikeout.   Ten players played and all ten had multiple hits.  All ten had RBIs.

Natasha hit 3 Doubles and drove in 2.  Daniyel got her first two hits and drove in the first RBI of her life.  Victor hit a Grand Slam.  Peter went 6 for 6.  Lou lit the record book on fire hitting 4 Home runs including a Grand Slam and had 12 RBIs for the game.    

THE TEAM is undefeated and looks ready for the playoffs 

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Look out F League