Monday, October 29, 2012

Effed League

Let's not just type "tough loss"  one thousand times.

Did you know?

Lou hit for the cycle and threw another clutch home run on the pile and we still lost

Did you know?

THE TEAM scored a season high 19 runs and we still lost

Did you know?

THE TEAM batted .641 with 3 Home Runs 2 Triples 4 Doubles 5 Walks and only 1 Strikeout and we still lost.

Did you know?

Everybody who played had at least one RBI in the game and we still lost.

Did you know?

Ah F**k it!  Tough Loss!


Monday, October 15, 2012

The League of F

THE TEAM showed they belong in F League by winning a nicely competitive game against The Swingers.  This is a team that went 3-2 in the first round so it isn't like THE TEAM picked off some spastic bunch of weirdos.  The Swingers have tasted victory.

There were two innings that THE TEAM went down in order but there were some monster rallys in two other innings.

Overall THE TEAM batted .556 with 3 Doubles, 1 Triple, 1 Home Run and 1 Strikeout.  THE TEAM was there to play.  There were no walks.  Ten players played and 7 of them had RBIs.  Nice!

Kelly had two RBIs on a hit and a sacrifice but she gets edged out by Natasha who got her two RBIs on two hits.  ( So close )  We will award a Melky Cabrera bobblehead to Natasha for an enhanced performance.

Peter went 3 for 4 with a Double, a Triple, his first Home Run of the Season and 6 RBIs.  He gets a Manny Ramirez bobblehead for his enhanced performance.

THE TEAM is looking tough


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Round 1

THE TEAM swept a double header and won the first round.  How sweet is that?  Both of the wins were a little snug but who cares.  THE TEAM will move up to F League because we clearly are ready.

Let's look at the the first round leaders

Batting Avg. Men

.765 - Lou
.722 - Rick
.684 - Randy

Battin Avg. Ladies

.500 - Dora
.421 - Jad
.412 - Natasha

RBIs Men

14 - Lou
11 - Peter
9  - Rick

RBIs Ladies

6 - Jad
5 - Dora
1 - Kelly
1 - Natasha


4 - Lou
3 - Peter
3 - Rick
2 - Randy
1 - Jad
1 - Natasha
1 - Doug


2 - Lou
2 - Peter
2 - Rick

Home Runs

3 - Lou
1 - Rick

THE TEAM batted .517 with 17 walks and 7 Strikouts.  THE TEAM has scored 61 runs and allowed 43.  Lou and Natasha have done a great job splitting the pitching duties.

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