Tuesday, October 11, 2016


THE TEAM can exit D League.  That one win was certainly scrumptious but after it was back to business as usual.

If you peel back all those errors you will find more errors.  If Eskimos have 50 words for snow, then THE TEAM must have 51 words for error.

Of course it wasn't all bad.  This blog is supposed to be constructive and zany so let's look forward to E League and keeping dream of a fourth championship alive.

Here are the leaders for the First Round

Batting Avg. Gentlemen

.917 Victor
.867 Jimmy
.867 Peter

Batting Avg. Ladies

.538 Kelly
.385 Lauren
.333 Aerial
.333 Daniyel

RBIs Gentlemen

16 Victor
 7 Peter
 6 Jimmy

RBIs Ladies

3 Natasha
3 Aerial
3 Melody
3 Dora


4 Lou
3 Peter
3 Jimmy
2 Kelly
2 Aerial
2 Victor
1 Daniyel


2 Victor

Home Runs

3 Victor
1 Lou
1 Jimmy

Overall THE TEAM hit .537 scoring 54 runs 10 Walks and 6 Strikeouts.  THE TEAM really is better than the 1-4 record.  The average score was 15.4 to 10.8 so it was competitive.  The move down to E League should be fun.