Tuesday, June 20, 2017

THE TEAM - Summer 2017

It took a while to finally get the roster set but all the details have been pounded out and sanded down to this showroom mint dream car that is THE TEAM.

 3 Lou
 4 Lauren
 5 Kelly
 7 Natasha
11 Dave Q.
12 Daniyel
18 Rick
22 Dave R.
23 Melody
24 Peter
25 Dora
33 Jimmy
51 Kelsey

We are already three games into the season and that group there hasn't lost one yet so that's exciting.  You know who has been tearing it up on defense so far is Dora.  She is catching foul balls.  She caught a rocket from left field to get a runner out at home.  She even threw a runner out at first base on a snap throw.

Peter has 4 Home Runs so far.  Lauren has stepped up become the Centerfielder.  Both Lauren and Kelly are hitting over .700 so far.  Lou has 3 Triples.

There is a lot of softball left but winning a 4th Championship just makes sense.

Oh and fun.  There should be some of that too