Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Best THE TEAM Ever

It's true.  There are several players that were part of that Fall 2012 Championship team.  Lou, Melody, Natasha, Doug, Peter, Dora and Kelly were all there the last time THE TEAM won it all.  Without minimizing the efforts of the rest that squad, you have to call Aerial, Maddie, Natalia, Victor, and Dave an upgrade.

The Winter 2015 group went through the first round undefeated and finished the season 8-2.  The new format meant that there were two post season games instead of one so it took ten total victories to get to the color t-shirts.

THE TEAM scored 50 runs in two post season games.

Pitches Be Crazy should have been called Pitches Be Absent.  They were a few players short but THE TEAM did what you are supposed to do and stomped to a 28-6 victory mercy rule style.

 Best THE TEAM ever.


Monday, April 20, 2015

Live by the Sword, Die by Your Crummy Pitching

There were a lot of walks and a lot of hits in this game.  Altogether THE TEAM had 55 plate appearances.  That's a lot of running around.  Peter did a lot of running around.  He hit for the cycle going 6 for 6 on the day with 5 RBIs.  Peter really needs a nickname.  Of course Peter is a fine name, (Peter Parker, Saint Peter etc.) but shouldn't we be calling him "Tech" or "Dr. Badass" or something?


The game started with Hot Sunday hanging a couple runs in the top of the first.  Lou, Peter, and Doug hit Home Runs.  Natalia added an RBI and it was 8-2 THE TEAM.  After that Hot Sunday kept chipping away.  They took their walks (which must have been lots of fun), got some hits and took advantage of errors to eventually make a game out of it.

Hey you know who else may need to be called Dr. Technical Badass is Aerial.  She went 4 for 4 with a Walk and 4 RBIs.

Here are some other zesty numbers.  Ten players played.  Nine players had hits.  Ten players got on base.  Nine players got on base more than once.  Eight players had RBIs.  There were a total of 8 Walks and ZERO players struck out.

Nice Job!

In the end Doug took a Walk and Aerial came in to score the winning run in a 22-21 Victory.  It will be nice to get back to The Championship game but there was something anti-climactic about winning the game on a Walk.  It was certainly the right tactical move but it felt like the grandstand in the old Tom Slick cartoons.



Monday, April 13, 2015

The Regular Season of Winter of 2015

There is a lot to cover here.  First things first:  Victor hit a Grand Slam and the everybody else did a bunch of stuff to beat Comic Relief 17-13.  That means THE TEAM ties its best record ever going 8-2 on the season.  Another darling little detail to the season is that Comic Relief finished their season 8-2.  Their only two losses were to THE TEAM.

Moving on

Doug played in his 100th game.  He has hit .625 with 139 RBIs, 6 Home Runs, 45 Doubles and 8 Triples.  He has by far the most Walks among the fellas (43) giving him an OBP of .673.

Back to Winter 2015

On the season THE TEAM scored 150 and allowed 108.  THE TEAM hit .614 with 38 Doubles, 18 Triples, 19 Home Runs, 27 Walks and 16 Strikeouts.  Here is what you did...

1 Aerial played in 9 games.  She hit .500 with 5 RBIs and a Double.  She had 4 Walks giving her and OBP of .548.  Aerial is fast as hell and made some great plays in the outfield.

3 Lou played in 10 games.  He led THE TEAM batting .882.  He led THE TEAM with 30 RBIs.  He led THE TEAM with 8 Triples.  He led THE TEAM with 9 Home Runs.  He hit 7 Doubles.  What can you say

4 Victor played in 10 games.  This card carrying member of the Vulgaratti hit .613 with 22 RBIs.  He had 6 Doubles, 2 Triples and 5 Home Runs including the only walk-off Homer in the history of THE TEAM.

8 Maddie played in 6 games.  She hit .267 with an RBI and a Double.  She learned a lot and improved a lot and she ran a lot.

10 Melody played in 6 games.  She hit .385 with 3 RBIs.  She had 5 Walks giving her on OBP of .556.  She had stitches.  She fractured something.  She needs to take care of herself.

12 Natasha played in 8 games.  She hit .500 with 6 RBIs and a Double.  She is a great pitcher and perfectly balances competition and fun.

15 Natalia played in 9 games.  She hit .421 and tied for the leader among the ladies with 8 RBIs.  She had 4 Walks giving her an OBP of .522.  Natalia is nice.  Everybody likes her.

18 Rick 10 games .700 13 RBIs 1 Home Run 5 Doubles 2 Triples 2 Walks

19 Doug played in 10 games.  He hit .679 with 17 RBIs, 1 Home Run and 2 Triples.  He led THE TEAM with 8 Doubles.

24 Peter played in 10 games.  He hit .824 with 19 RBIs.  He hit 2 Home Runs,  2 Doubles and 4 Triples.  He had no Walks.  Peter is all business!

25 Dora played in 10 games.  She led the ladies hitting .625.  She tied Natalia among the ladies with 8 RBIs.  She also performed bat-girl duties.  She got the stains out of Melody's jersey.  Dora does it all.

30 Kelly played in 10 games.  She hit .360 with 5 RBIs and 2 Doubles.  Kelly was a very valuable infielder and did a great job playing first, second, and third.

38 Dave played in 10 games.  He has always been a great pitcher even during his time with The Flappers but this season Dave went bananas at the plate.  He hit his first Home Run.  He had 11 RBIs, 5 Doubles and a .731 Batting Average.  Good Morning!

Now THE TEAM moves on to the playoffs.  The fun never stops.