Monday, February 22, 2016

Game 5 - Movin' On Up

THE TEAM finished the first round 4-1 so the playoff spot is secure and it is time to move up to D League.
George Jefferson Dance
Movin' on up, to the D League
It is strongly recommended that you listen to American Patrol by Glenn Miller while watching this gif of Sherman Hemsley.

It is almost as jolly as being on THE TEAM.

Tiger Blood made a game out of it but everybody was contributing so it was never really close.  Let's leap right into the leaders after the first round:

Batting Avg Gentlemen

Peter .824
Jimmy .813
Lou .750

Batting Avg Ladies

Kelly .688
Natasha .667
Dora .500

RBIs Gentlemen

Jimmy 13
Victor 12
Peter 11

RBIs Ladies

Natasha 5
Rosemary 3
Dora 3


Peter 5
Victor 3
Jimmy 3
Dave 2
Lou 1
Kelly 1
Melody 1
Dora 1


Peter 2
Kelly 1

Home Runs

Victor 4
Lou 2
Jimmy 2
Peter 1

Dora collected her 200th career hit on a shot up the third base line.  I don't remember the hit specifically, we can all just assume that's where it went.  Good job Dora.  That's a lot of hits.

THE TEAM can clearly handle D League