Monday, January 27, 2014

THE TEAM - #14 Sharon

THE TEAM got swept in a Doubleheader.  THE TEAM is 0-4.  That sucks.  A few things didn't suck.  Natasha's 5 RBIs against No Glove No Love was magnificent.  Dora went 4 for 5 with an RBI against The Swingers.  Heather made some tough plays at third.  Peter hit another Home Run.  Other than that...   Chupendous!

Way back in 2009 everybody on THE TEAM answered some questions to be posted on this here blog.  That means there are 9 current players who have never bared their very souls in the effort to have THE TEAM get better acquainted.

First up   Sharon

How did you end up on THE TEAM ?

Lou, the unofficial recruiter, worked his wiley ways and somehow convinced me to play a game I hadn't played in 20 years with a bunch of strangers who had won the championship the year before... No pressure

What positions have you played so far for THE TEAM ?

Right field and 2nd.  Catcher a couple of times.

Do you have a favorite ?

Prefer the action at 2nd but enjoy the grass between my toes and sun on my face lounging out in right.

Is there a special reason you chose 14 for your jersey number ?

It's been my lucky number since grade school when I played on the basketball team.  Speediest high scoring guard in grade 5.  Hasn't won me any lotteries though.

Did you play sports in school?  What teams were you on and what school did you play for?

My parents, although not athletic, loved sports competition ranging from The Derby to NASCAR and all in between.  Embracing that spirit, I played basketball, tennis, field hockey, flag football and was a cheerleader for the Sherwood Saints ( yes, "When the Saints come marching home").  Stuck with just tennis throughout university representing the McMaster Marauders.  Oh yeah - and badminton (great fun!)

Besides your outstanding softball ability, what other talents do you have?

Finally!  Someone recognizing I am outstanding at softball ---- out standing in right field, that is.  Add golf, air hockey, ping pong and darts, scrabble, charades, cards against humanity... well, you get the picture.  Fun and Games!  I'm a Renaissance Girl - dabbling in a lot of stuff.  Acting, photography and home renovations being my favorites at this moment in time.  And when you ask next year, I want to add 'rockin out on the drums'.  Seriously.

Can I have $50?

Monopoly money - sure!

Thank You Sharon

Next up, Heather


Sunday, January 19, 2014

Game 2 - Closer (not in the NIИ kind of way)

When was the last time THE TEAM was 0-2?  Who knows.  It would be easy to say that this whole E League thing is just some nightmare for a group of G League players like THE TEAM but...

"I don't embrace excuses"

Does anybody else watch Bar Rescue?  It's another one of those roaring asshole TV shows.  That is roaring asshole John Taffer.  Maybe we can get him to come by and scream at THE TEAM for 6 innings.  After that his experts can make THE TEAM something to eat and pour a few cocktails.  That certainly sounds better than blowing a lead and losing to Team Puma 13-17.

If there were cocktails the first one would have to go to Peter.  Peter hit two Home Runs and a Double.  Peter had 7 RBIs.  In two games this season THE TEAM has scored 19 runs.  Peter has driven in 10 of them.  THE TEAM is going to have to start drinking his blood or something.  Or maybe John Taffer's experts can make a cocktail out of Peter's blood.  Something All-American with a nice garnish.  What would it be called?  Say it with me people...   The Peter Lime.


Let's tip the cap to Mike for helping out doing a great job in center and driving in a run.  Also good job Dora for not beating the mortal shit out of the guy who took your legs out from under you.  Everybody knows you were thinking it.

You know who else we should get a tip of the cap?  Chris

Not a roaring asshole

Chris traded shifts at the Library so I could play.  Thanks Chris!