Monday, March 29, 2010

Game 7

Dammit. We lost a close one on Sunday afternoon against The Bombers who, in reality, should have been called The Complainers. First, they strolled onto the field at about 3:37 PM (PST) when The Umpire had been calling for them to take the field since 3:30 sharp. Second, they complained about at least two calls the umpire made in our favor. One of them happened when I walked a girl in and she didn't touch homeplate, which sharp-eyed Sarah noticed. Sarah asked me to toss the ball to her, stepped on the plate and we got out #2 of the inning. This really ticked off their manager and the girl, who was just shy of asking for a CSI to come examine the bottom of her shoe to compare it to a mark on homeplate.

I digress. It was a pretty close game. There were no clear cut mistakes that led to our downfall, but since I write this post, I'll blame my pitching and the fact that I gave up a few walks. We had a chance to win it in the last inning but just couldn't pull it through.

Final score: The Bombers The Complainers 11, THE TEAM 10

Well, at least we showed up on time and we didn't complain about things. :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Game 6 - This Aggresion Will Not Stand, Man

It sure was great to play an actual game again. It was also great to see THE TEAM hit the field completely rust free after such a long layoff. #1 Destanie found her stroke and scored some runs. #00 CJ was still catching everything at first base. #42 Sarah was driving in the runs like she always does and #13 Sandy played through pain of a bad finger to get her base hits. Game 6 Maude has to be #16 Anabel who blew up at the plate by going 3 for 4.

All the dudes on THE TEAM were hitting. #41 Rob was covering ground in CF after doing a great job pitching the first inning. #24 Peter and #3 Lou were driving in the runs and playing mistake free in the infield. Game 6 Jeffrey is #28 Terrence for pitching six innings and hitting a home run.

THE TEAM 16 Fugittaboudit 6

Sweet Victory


Sunday, March 14, 2010


After a five (?) week hiatus, it would have been nice to know we weren't playing a softball game sometime before we ALL SHOWED UP TO PLAY A SOFTBALL GAME. No one from the Jensen Cupcakes told us they weren't going to play. And apparently, they didn't tell that one guy who did show up. So sad.

Although, my pitching felt incredibly "off" so maybe it's a good thing we didn't play today. I heard that the next game is next Sunday. Maybe.

Friday, March 5, 2010

#12 Lillian

This is how I will always think of Lillian.