Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer 2011

So that was the end of the regular season for the Summer of 2011. There were ups and downs and we had a lot of players come and go but we still managed to finish 8-2.
That ties the best season in the history of THE TEAM.

Speaking of history, the 16-4 win over The Ballers today means that THE TEAM is now 50 wins and 50 losses for our entire history. Chris and Jenny and Lou have been there for all of them so you know more than anybody that we have come a long way and have a lot to be proud of.

As far as the game goes, all that heat and humidity made it a lot like playing in the Midwest. That's probably why Lou hit two home runs. He probably felt like he needed to escape from Ohio all over again.

Through all that sweat and misery Belinda made a great catch as Robbin so good job Robbin and Belinda. Melody actually bled. That's hustle.

It seemed like we scored a couple of runs every inning.

Now we have a championship to win. If the HoneyBadgers beat Fugittaboudit then THE TEAM wins Round 2 of F League and plays On Point. If Fugittaboudit wins then THE TEAM plays the winner of the Lamda Lamda Lamda Has Beens game for the G League Championship.



Sunday, July 24, 2011

THE TEAM - Game 9

There are so many things to say and no statistics to back any of it up. Next season we will go back to keeping full stats for everyone.


Lou and Peter hit home runs. Did Andrew hit one too? I'm going to say yes because we don't have any stats to back any of it up.

There was a perfectly played groundball by Melody early in the game. There was a great stab from first by Peter. There was an eye-popping throw later on from Peter.

Lou did a great job pitching the whole game even after Team Merica started calling him by name. I think he struck out 14 batters. Sure man, we don't have any stats to back any of this up.

Here is what we can be certain of:

Justin had to leave and that was going to cost us an out. As a parting gift he hit a home run. That was pretty freakin' macho. As a matter of fact we are going to call that Hand Job Taco macho.

Kristin came back to help out. A few seasons ago she was improving with each game. She picked up right where she left off. Great game there.

Hand Job Tacos go to Beth playing as the mysterious Stacey (She's the dude playin' a dude disguised as another dude). She was fearless playing a new position and made two fantastic plays for two outs from third base.

Great game. Great win.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Game 8 - Honey Badgers

Ah, now on to more recent events (i.e., ones I can somewhat remember).  Yesterday we played the Honey Badgers.  I was a bit worried at first glance because they looked like a soccer team - all matching jerseys and color coordinated down to the socks.  Surely a team this organized must kick some ass!  Well...not so much.  Their pitcher struggled to throw strikes which we turned into quite a few walks, and then we got hits at the right times.  I believe the final score was 15-8 because they had one bright inning of offense but THE TEAM ended up with another one in the W column.

I don't remember how anyone personally did since I am selfish and only remember that I popped out THREE freaking times.  I also remember there was another awkward play at home because the runner did not step on the plate.  I had the ball, stepped on the plate and told the umpire "He missed the plate."  The guy ran back and stepped on the plate and it ended up counting as a run because apparently I have to say "I protest the call."  I think I also have to sacrifice a dove, point to the Western sun and give the umpire a reacharound for one of these calls at home plate to work out in my favor.  Somebody get me a rulebook.

In HAPPIER news -- THE TEAM is currently 6-2 so no matter what, we will have a winning season this year.  This hasn't happened since we (mistakenly) traded Mark McGwire to Oakland back in the late '80s.  Tacos for everyone.

Game 7

Last week, we played...Salem Heat.  (I think.)  I do remember that we won.  It was a close game but we held on and ending up shitting in their cereal (figuratively).