Sunday, December 12, 2010

THE TEAM - Fall 10

That was a brutal season. Three wins and seven losses ends up being a lot less fun than winning. There certainly were some proud moments along the way and there was some great effort but clearly it was not enough 70% of the time. Let's look at some numbers. We are going to in numerical order.

#00 CJ played in 8 games. She batted .333 with 4 RBIs. She was reliable at first base and always hustled.

#3 Lou played in 7 games. He led THE TEAM with an .828 batting average. Lou had 14 RBIs, 4 Doubles, 2 Triples and 3 Home Runs. Lou was a wild man at short stop. I mean that in a good way

#4 Jenny played in 6 games. She batted .579 with 5 RBIs. She played everywhere we needed her including third base.

#7 Katina played in zero games. What the hell. Now I'm stuck with a #7 jersey.

#8 Peter C played in 5 games. He batted .100 with 4 RBIs. He was showing patience at the plate and improving in left field before it all went wrong.

#13 Sandy played in 7 games. She batted .381 with 2 RBIs. Sandy showed great speed and great hustle and improved every season she was with THE TEAM. Sandy will be missed.

#15 Robbin played in 8 games. She batted .217 with 4 RBIs. She also hit two doubles and was versatile in both the infield and the outfield.

#17 Jude played in 5 games. She batted .429 with 3 RBIs. She ran well and did all she could.

#18 Rick played in 10 games. She batted .706 with 17 RBIs 4 doubles and a triple. I know I called myself a "she". That was funny.

#24 Peter L. played in 10 games. He batted .725 and led THE TEAM with 24 RBIs. He also hit 6 doubles, a triple and 2 home runs. Peter was a rock solid infielder playing either third base or shortstop.

#27 Roma played in 8 games. She batted .000 but she did have an RBI on a bases loaded walk.

#28 Terrence played in 9 games. He batted .719 with 12 RBIs. He also had 5 doubles, 3 triples and a home run. If we kept track of runs scored Terrence would have led THE TEAM. He was so fast that if he was on base he was probably going to score.

#42 Sarah played in 9 games. She batted .323 and led the ladies with 7 RBIs. She also hit 3 doubles.

#99 Chris played in played in 6 games. He batted .810 with 7 RBIs. He also hit 3 doubles.

Here are some more numbers for THE TEAM.

We batted .527 with 104 RBIs 6 Home Runs 27 Doubles 7 Triples 39 Walks and 38 Strikeouts. Those numbers do not include Doug and Tiffany and Ken and one other lady whose name escapes me right now. Those are just the regular members of THE TEAM.

So now we rest and we enjoy the holidays and get ready to come back in January for the Winter 11 season. Let's keep trying and let's keep improving and let's keep trying. (Don't forget trying)