Monday, August 23, 2010

The Team - The Barbecue

Well, another The Team barbecue has come and gone and it was just as splendid as last year's. As always, a big thanks goes to co-manager Rick for organizing such a fine afternoon and an even bigger thanks to Rick's dad for opening up his pool to our hot bodies and his barbecue to our stomachs. It was nice to see those that came out of a Team uniform and relaxing in the sunshine. Thanks again, Rick and Rick's dad.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

THE TEAM - Summer 2010

So that was H League. We did not complete our mission but it was still a good game and a great season. Seven wins and three losses is a season we can all be proud of. The game itself was of the roller coaster variety. THE TEAM was down early 5-0. Dave drove in a run so it was something like 8-1. The point is that it was ugly. It seemed like the game was going fast. In the top of the sixth the score was Fugittaboudit 11 THE TEAM 6. THE TEAM came up with the runs including a three run home run by Dave. We held them to zero runs in the bottom of the sixth so hello tie breaker. We got 4 bases and Fugittaboudit got 5.

A scoop of ice cream in a Pink Milton Bradley mini-helmet goes to Jenny. She went 1 for 3 with a walk but she moved Dave over for two more bases in the tie breaker and she made a great catch in right field.

A scoop of ice cream in a Blue Milton Bradley mini-helmet goes to Dave who went 4 for 4 with a double and a home run and 4 RBIs. He also made a great catch in left field to end the game and force the tie breaker.

#00 CJ batted .321 with 5 RBIs and provided a valuable glove for THE TEAM at first base

#1 Destanie batted .609 with 14 RBIs. She was a great hitter and a smart player in the field. THE TEAM will miss her.

#2 Brooke did not play in a single game. What the hell is that?

#3 Lou batted .818 with 15 RBIs. He was a great lead-off hitter who could go to right and hit with power. And he is funny. He's like a comedian

#4 Jenny batted .750 with 5 RBIs. Jenny has always been a versatile weapon at game time. I think we should call her the weapon.

#11 Dave batted .778 with 12 RBIs. He was a great outfielder and a maniac on the base pads.

#13 Sandy batted .318 with 3 RBIs. She hustled and played hard and is the reason THE TEAM has kept going.

#15 Kristin batted .231 with 3 RBIs. Kristin improved a lot throughout the season. She worked hard and played hard.

#24 Peter batted .652 with 20 RBIs. He was rock solid at third base and a dangerous power hitter.

#28 Terrence batted .421 with 3 RBIs. Terrence contributed everywhere the season. He pitched, he played the infield and he played the outfield. That kind of versatility and flexibility is great to have. We should call him the weapon... oh wait, that's already taken.

#31 Victor batted .737 with 16 RBIs. Victor was awesome in left field and also the most enthusiastic about Gatorade or something. I'm not sure I really wasn't listening to him. Victor has been a great player for THE TEAM. It it a huge loss that he will not be with us next season

#42 Lisa only played in one game. She batted .333 with 1 RBI but that was an awesome RBI. Actually I don't remember it.

#99 Chris batted .500 with 6 RBIs but it was his pitching that really kept us in the winning column. He strikes people out in slow pitch softball. Who does that!

We have to thank our ringers too. Sarah and Marisol and Katina were there for us so that we did not forfeit. You batting average sucked though.

Next season I am going to assign the blog to one of the players. We'll call it out in the 6th inning