Monday, November 23, 2009

THE TEAM - Fall 2009

That last game was an extra-large serving of slaughter. Those Unicorns could hit the ball anywhere they pleased. Their men and the women clearly knew how to handle their bats. THE TEAM couldn't keep up with that.

But enough of those a**holes

Overall THE TEAM had it's best season ever so we still have a lot to be proud of.

If we had an awards banquet for THE TEAM it would be impossible. Who would be MVP? Who would be our Most Improved Player? Who would be our Most Inspirational Player?

Every single player on THE TEAM fits into at least one of those categories.

#00 CJ was a strong hitter and absolute gold with her glove at first base.

#1 Destanie was always the first woman in the batting order because she can hit and she can run. She always played hard and could complete a double-play from second base like a pro.

#3 Lou was a great lead-off hitter who had several home runs throughout the season. He covered the earth from SS.

#4 Jenny was a versatile player who was able to play both the infield and the outfield on top of being a reliable hitter.

#11 Dave was able to hit for power and for average and did not have an error in CF.

#12 Lillian was a VGITPOSA winner for her pitching and kept improving as a hitter until the pad at second base decided to end her season. (Bastard!)

#13 Sandy was a whole new deal at the plate in the Fall 09 season. She swung well and didn't strikeout and had some serious hits that would have been hits in any league. Not to mention that Sandy is the reason THE TEAM still exists.

#14 LeighAnne was great at keeping the ball in front of her in RF. She was always positive and always played hard. In my mind she is forever attached to Meredith.

#16 Terrence was a versatile and flexible player in the field and a hitter that could will himself on base by being so fast.

#24 Peter had some great home runs along with a complete game victory pitching and solid play at Third Base.

#26 Meredith was all hustle all day. She improved every week and always had fun. And in my mind she is forever attached to LeighAnne.

#27 John only played half of the season but found his softball instincts and saved some home runs by backing up the other outfielders perfectly.

#31 Victor was kind of noisy and crazy but was flawless in left field and a dangerous hitter. That is why the VGITPOSA is named after him. (That and I feared for his safety)

#42 Sarah was an RBI machine. She could come to bat in big situations where we needed runs and she could come up when we were up by 15 but you knew the runs were coming in.

#99 Chris was the ace of the pitching staff. He has always been good, but this season he really took it to another level with strikeouts and very few walks.

All of the seasons that THE TEAM has been around have been fun, but it is a lot more fun to win. So good job everybody. Hey! VGITPOSA for everyone!!!


Sunday, November 22, 2009

We're Not the Champions, But...

I don't know what Rick is going to say later, but I just wanted to commend everyone on a GREAT F'ING SEASON!!!! We really showed a lot of improvement this year - mostly in making less mistakes and doing better in the hitting department. I'm really proud of the job everyone did this season and so happy we finished with a 7-3 record. Great job, everyone.

And even though we aren't the champions of the league, we're the champions in my book! Enjoy some Queen! Get it on!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

No More Mister Nice Team - Game 9

I wasn't really paying attention. Were you? THE TEAM won 24-4. Was it just me or was that a rather unrewarding win. We didn't play that well but the Riverside Cafe 86ers were making one horrible error after another. At a certain point it seemed like they were no longer having fun. In seasons past we have been that team. You know, The Moment It All Went to Hell. So when they just wanted it to end it seemed like less fun.

Leigh Anne's game was clearly VGITPOSA worthy but Leigh Anne already has a VGITPOSA. It seemed like a good idea to not have a player win more than one so that leaves... I wasn't really paying attention. Peter and Lou hit home runs. CJ is making a habit of throwing runners out at third which is a serious slice of awesome. Sarah could come up with with nobody on base and still get a couple of RBIs. Victor slid head first into second which always makes me wince like I'm watching some skater blast his testicles through the roof of his mouth trying to grind a rail.

But enough of my fertilizer! This isn't my blog. This blog belongs to THE TEAM!!!




THE TEAM is 7-2. We have another shot at the Unicorns. If we win that one we make the playoffs. I promise to pay attention to that one.


Sunday, November 8, 2009

No More Mister Nice Team - Game 8

THE TEAM handed it to The Jensen Warriors 20 to 1. That brings THE TEAMs record to 6-2 so we officially have our first winning season locked up.

The Jensen Warriors seem like a nice bunch of people but they were a festival of mistakes and walks. Peter hit a home run. Destanie gave the umpire a thrill by sliding into to home (Ask her). John showed up loose (Ask him).

But VGITPOSA goes to Meredith for hustling out a single and getting her first RBI of the season.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

No More Mister Nice Team - Game 7

THE TEAM is now 5-2. That means that we cannot have a losing season. Even if #00CJ and #1Destanie and #4Jenny and #12Lillian and #14Leigh Anne and #26Meredith and #42Sarah and #3Lou and #11Dave and #16Terrence and #24Peter and #27John and #31Victor and #99Chris all died of a heroine overdose we would still not have a losing season. (Sandy and I would probably lose the rest of the games, although Sandy had a sweet shot down third base in this game.)

There were two home runs by Dave. There were RBIs in bunches from Sarah. There was a super macho play on a line drive by Chris. Victor was rock solid in Left Field (and noisy as hell. Come on Victor!) Terrence is so fast it's not even fair. Lillian sacrifced her body and had to be carried off on her shield. It all added up to a 14-12 victory over Fugittaboudit.

The VGITPOSA goes to CJ for the double play to end the game. That was some heads up softball.