Monday, February 24, 2014

Game 6 - Finally

THE TEAM finally won one.  Oh Sweet Victory, we have missed you so.  The game started off looking like another Sunday of Basura Grande.  The first inning ended with THE TEAM behind 7-0.  THE TEAM had one single and one strikeout. 

Blood and Spit are not a bad team but they spent the first round clubbing baby seals in G League while THE TEAM was getting the full penitentiary shower treatment in E League.  Still, losing can teach a group how to go right on losing when winning makes you believe you are entitled to your victories.  That is the thing that was so thrilling about the game.  THE TEAM never gave up.  Ten players played and ten players had hits.  Eight players had at least one RBI.

THE TEAM 18 Blood and Spit 11 and the slump is broken.

Melody was a sandwich-worthy hero.  The 2 walks, 2 sacrifices and 2 RBIs certainly helped but she was spectacular in the outfield.  That included one of those shoe string jobs that she made look routine.

Peter's batting average was misrepresented in the last blog post.  In Game 6 he went 3 for 4 with a walk and had his batting average actually drop to .857.  The sandwich for Peter is obviously SALAMI.  Peter put the game out of reach with a Grand Slam is his last at-bat. 

There was a base clearing double by Victor.  There was a double play by Doug.  There was a 3 for 5  day at the plate to go with Natasha's great pitching.

It's fun to have so much to be excited about.

GO THE TEAM!!!     

Monday, February 10, 2014

E League

Somehow scoring 8 runs in a loss to The Dancing Homers is an E Ticket.  THE TEAM should have ridden the freakin' Matterhorn instead of going 0-5.  It all finally came to an end with a 19-6 loss to The Office Bar and Grill.  Hopefully Lou is OK.  He started off the game with a Home Run but ended in a heap.  THE TEAM will need him now that there will be more realistic games in F League.  Dora went 3 for 4 with an RBI.  That was Dora's 100th career hit.  Somebody should have grabbed that ball.

Here are leaders after the First Round:

Batting Average

.765 Peter
.750 Victor
.733 Rick

Batting Average

.545 Sharon
.474 Dora
.444 Natasha


13 Peter
6   Lou
5  Doug


6 Natasha
3 Sharon
2 Jenny
2 Dora


Peter (4)
Victor (3)
Rick (2)
Lou (1)
Sharon (1)
Dora (1)
Doug (1)


Lou (2)
Victor (1)

Home Runs

Peter (4)
Lou (1)

There were some good rallies and some great defense along the way.  The first victory of the season is out there in F League.