Monday, September 27, 2010

THE TEAM vs The Sun

OK actually THE TEAM played WP4B. This is a team that we have lost to on a regular basis. This is a team that uses the whole field when they hit. Terrence had the idea to spread out our defense instead of loading up for everything to go to the left and he was correct! We finally bear WP4B.

It was a really good game. They scored three runs and we scored five runs and they scored 3 more runs and we scored one run. It was back and forth. It was THE TEAM 9 and Will Play 4 Beer 11 in the bottom of the 6th. Peter drove in two to tie the game. Was it CJ who almost drove Peter in? They made a great play on that one to preserve the tie but THE TEAM was too much and we won 12-11.

Great game!

Peter went 4 for 4 with 5 RBIs including the two to tie it up in the bottom of the 5th but lets give the Tacos to Terrence for thinking ahead and planning for what it was going to take to finally beat those guys. Terrence also went 4 for 4 and scored four runs.

Jenny "The Weapon" did a great job at third but the Tacos go to Sarah who went 3 for 3 with an RBI.

We are all lucky to be alive after playing in that heat, but dehydration isn't so bad when you wash it down with sweet sweet victory.


Sunday, September 26, 2010

THE TEAM - Game 2

Congratulations to our entire The Team for not passing out in the 105 degree heat!  I'm glad we all survived and more importantly, we survived Will Play 4 Beer - one of the teams that beat us in pre-season.

It was a back and forth game but The Team pulled out a come from behind win.  We needed 2 runs to tie, and 3 to win going into the last inning.  Slowly but surely, we got people on base with solid hits and got the 2 runs we needed.  At the very least, we'd be forced into a tiebreaker but the bases were loaded when Rick came up to bat.  He hit a perfect line drive shot that brought Sarah in for the game winning run.

Rick is probably too modest to do so, but I'd give him Tacos for the day.  Then again, that's Rick's thing and I don't really close track of everyone's individual performances to fairly give out Tacos.  I'll name my award after another T something...let's call it the Thunderbird.  Rick is the Thunderbird for today's game for his game winning shot.

Our season now is 1-1 so let's keep the momentum going!  Go THE TEAM!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

THE TEAM - Game 1

It looks like a brutal loss. Well, 23-11 is a brutal loss but it was good effort by THE TEAM. The bad guys for week one were called On Point and they were pretty solid with the bats. The errors by THE TEAM were minimal. There were a few walks but a solid effort from Terrence and Robbin. On Point could hit so THE TEAM is 0-1 for the Fall 2010 Season so far.


When we were getting the package together for this season, the idea of changing the name of the THE TEAM came up. We were thinking of choices that involved the letter "T" so that we wouldn't have to get new jerseys. Names like The Tornadoes and The Termites were mentioned. My vote was a tip of the cap to Kurt Vonnegut. We should have been The Tralfamadorians. Obviously nothing became of that whole conversation but CJ had the idea that we could call ourselves Taco Tuesday. That's a great coed slow pitch softball team name.

Since we are still THE TEAM and since we want to acknowledge outstanding effort in this blog we are going to go with tacos.

Tacos for Sandy who went 3 for 3 with a walk. She also did a good job at second base.

Tacos for Peter who went 4 for 4 with 2 RBIs. He is picking up right were he left off last season when he led THE TEAM in RBIs.

It was a good game and it showed lots of promise. THE TEAM batted .543 with 4 walks so I'm sure we are going to go undefeated the rest of the season.