Monday, May 19, 2014

Game 1 - Right Where We Left Off

Remember how bad last season sucked?  You don't have to remember because THE TEAM relived the experience in HD 3D 1080p.  First let's look at the roster:

1 Aerial
3 Lou
4 Jenny
7 Heather
10 Melody
14 Sharon
15 Natalia
18 Rick
19 Doug
24 Peter
25 Dora
27 Victor
38 Dave

That certainly looks like a group that can score more than 2 runs.  Who knows.  Maybe THE TEAM needs to examine the Ralph problem.  Ralph is the left-handed pitcher who THE TEAM has crossed paths with many times through the years.  Of course it is always with a different team name ( Remember Can U Dig It? ).  THE TEAM never hits well against him.  Maybe he should be murdered.  Maybe that's why they are always changing the name of their team.  It keeps them under the radar and Ralph lives on to see another day.

Who knows

It wasn't all bad news.  Aerial made some flashy plays at third.  Melody was great in the infield and the outfield and drove in a run.  Jenny went 1 for 2 and drove in the other run.  Lou had the only extra-base hit of the evening going 3 for 4.  Sharon's dogs were nice.

There is still a lot of softball left and lots of promise to build on.  There is also sunshine and fun and postgame drinks and laughs at Timmy Nolan's.  So...

Who knows