Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Game 5 Recap

A recap this past Sunday's game, in which the following happened --

- Sandy rode onto the field on a unicorn
- the Silversun Pickups sang "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"
- Lou teamed with a puma and wrestled against a kodiak bear and a bag of Hot Cheetos
- Chris, Victor and Rick wore eyepatches in honor of Blackbeard's birthday
- CJ found a $20 bill under first base
- John dug up part of left field and found a time capsule from 1977

...or at least that's how I would prefer to remember the game.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Gaem 3 Sumer 09

I'm sorry. It looks like the title has some errors in it. Hey speaking of errors... Wow! Between the walks and the errors, that was a serious pounding. The umpire informed is that we were down 15-0 and there was a mercy rule if we wanted to take adavantage of that. We can be proud that we were all ready to keep playing. Peter got an RBI and it was 15-1. Mercy my a**! In the end I think we lost something like 231 to -6.

The "Manny Ramirez Is That Guy on Something" Award goes to Lillian for that sweet stab in the outfield. Yer out Goodfellas. For once


Monday, June 1, 2009

Game 2 Summer 09

Is it just me or does it seem like we are this close to winning? (Right now my thumb and index finger are about 16" apart) 12 - 7 or maybe it was 14 -7 if we wanted to count that last home run.

Kristin and Lillian did make a couple of great plays with the glove so that was something to build on.

Since we are no longer going to call these posts "The Moment it All Went to Hell" I would like to acknowledge the efforts of THE TEAM with an award.

It is the honorary Manny Ramirez IS THAT GUY ON SOMETHING Award. Since there was no award in Game One we can give out two this week.

Lou gets a Manny Ramirez IS THAT GUY ON SOMETHING Award (MRITGOSA)for motoring right through the stop sign from the third base coach and ending up in some kind of UFC tangle to be out at home.

Victor also gets a big fat MRITGOSA for sliding head first into second base. I thought he was going to look like he was in a motorcycle accident when he got up from that.