Saturday, July 16, 2016

THE TEAM - D is for Disaster

THE TEAM is barely getting in anybody's way.  This D League thing sucks.  OK this blog is supposed to be fun and constructive so here is a ray of damned sunshine:  In the three D League games that have been played THE TEAM has scored 4 runs, then 6 runs and then 10 runs.  That could be considered encouraging.  Alright they are were two 11 run losses and a 6 run loss so it's not exactly Dodgers vs Giants or Yankees vs Red Sox or Freud vs Jung.  It's been more like saw horse road block vs Burt Reynolds Trans Am.

There's Burt Reynolds again

D League Sucks!

There was that one game where Dora played second base.  That was pretty exciting.  Dora has played 85% of her innings at catcher so it was a thrill to her pressed into service and play so well.  It's also a thrill because now there is a tiny insignificant slice on the internet that has Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Burt Reynolds and Dora all in the same place and on equal footing.  Let's throw Malcolm Gladwell, Kurt Vonnegut and Jimmy Crockett on there too because outside of pornography that's pretty much what the internet is for right?

Thank you Al Gore

Oh let's not forget Sunday Coed Softball.  Right?  What were we talking about?