Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Doubleheader in The Summer

THE TEAM split a Doubleheader.  This was done by hitting a season high .710 in the first game and then unveiling a swiss cheese defense in Game 2.

Aren't Dave's Home Runs the best?  He looks like Charlie running home to tell Grandpa Joe about his Golden Ticket.

There are also a couple of milestones to acknowledge.  Peter join Lou in the rare air of the 300 hit club.  Victor joined Melody, Dora, Doug, and Natasha in the 100 hit club.

This is history people!


Monday, July 13, 2015

Game 6 - Old Friends and New Insults

We should first congratulate I'd Hit That for making the playoffs.  That moved them up to F league for the second round so THE TEAM got to play them for the first time in a couple of seasons.  They seemed particularly frisky.  They had lots to say about everything.  It was a fun and lively victory.

Between that and Lady licking Melody's hand instead of trying to devour it, it was a magical day.

Another miracle was that Victor finally quit farting around and collected some hits.  He hit another Grand Slam, had 3 Doubles and 6 RBIs.  Love Potion # 27 has 6 hits all season but he has 13 RBIs. What in the name of Adam Dunn is that all about!

Natasha is back from wherever the hell she was.  She did a great job pitching and also went 2 for 4 with 2 RBIs.

Kelly, who has been locked in all season, went 4 for 5 with 2 RBIs.

Yes the fissures in the skull of this version of THE TEAM are coming together even if we do treat each other like shit sometimes.

I blame Lady

What are you lookin' at?