Sunday, March 29, 2015

So That Happened

THE TEAM split a Doubleheader.  There was a lack of rhythm and people getting hurt all over the place.  Dave hit his first Home Run.  He was zooming around the bases with a giant smile on his face so that's fun.  Roxan hit a Home Run.  That puts her into an exclusive club with Aerial.


Another player hit his 100th game in the Modern Era.  It is Lou.  Wait until you hear these numbers!

Lou has hit .829 (306-369) with 262 RBIs.  He's got 84 Doubles, 44 Triples and 67 Home Runs.  He's also got 25 Walks.



Monday, March 23, 2015

Game 7 - Bound to Happen

The chances of having a perfect season were pretty slim.  That's no secret.  Still, that kind of collapse is hard to take.  THE TEAM was looking good just like the first 6 games of the season.  THE TEAM was looking good for the first 5 innings.  Then filled the diaper of defeat and...

Let's just skim over that catastrophe and move right on to Dora.

Dora played in her 100th game.  That's a lot of shots down the third base line and a lot of clever mall-walking around the bases.  Dora has had 161 hits for a .469 average.  She has 83 RBIs, 15 Doubles and a Triple.  She has only 7 Walks in 343 At Bats.  She is there to play.  Good job Dora.


Monday, March 16, 2015

Game 6 - THE TEAM = Winners

THE TEAM just keeps on rolling.  Twelve players played and twelve players had hits.  THE TEAM is playing well but the nice thing is that THE TEAM is playing realistic softball and not some weird out of our minds run that will never last.  THE TEAM has never been 6-0.  Let's bust out the Chris Kiefer Heroin because it is officially another winning season for THE TEAM.

The sentence "Lou really wore out my daughter" would normally be followed by either murder or an appearance on Dateline NBC but this is softball so let's all calm down.  Maddie went 2 for 3 and both of those singles were followed by Santini Home Runs giving him 5 RBIs on the day.  Maddie was running for Melody and got to go first to home a third time after Peter drove in two on a triple.

Speaking of Peter.  The Modern Era for THE TEAM starts in Fall 2011.  The history goes back to Winter 2008 but there were some changes after the drama of the Summer 2011 season so the continuous stats only go back to Fall 2011.


In the "Modern Era"  Peter played his 100th game.  Are you ready to admire some eye-popping numbers?  Peter has 271 hits in 366 at bats (.740).  He has 53 Doubles, 14 Triples, 47 Home Runs and 255 RBIs.  How about that!

Clearly Peter is a major reason why THE TEAM is 6-0 but it is really about how well everybody is playing together and how much everybody keeps improving.


Sunday, March 8, 2015

Game 5 - THE TEAM has seen it all

Swear Jar Millionaire and Major League Vulgarian Victor is always quick to demand that this blog be some kind of love letter to anything worthwhile that he does for THE TEAM.  This time he really earned it.  He really fuckin' earned it.  In the clutch.  Full Bambino shot.  THE TEAM wins 9-8.

It was tight game.  You have to give Comic Relief credit.  They turned two double plays and did a great job killing the rally.

It was scoreless after the first inning.  THE TEAM had two weird assed innings that were defensive collapses but kept it close.  Lou had 4 RBIs.  Kelly was awesome at third base.  Aerial made a great catch in center.  It was a snug back and forth game between two undefeated teams.

THE TEAM held Comic Relief scoreless in the top of the 6th to keep the 8-8 tie then came Victor and lights out.  In the 114 games THE TEAM has won, this is the first walk-off Home Run.

Sweet Victory!

Let's look at the leaders after the First Round

Batting Average Gentlemen

Lou .889
Peter .882
Rick .750

Batting Average Ladies

Dora .600
Aerial .588
Natasha .467

RBIs Gentlemen

Lou 16
Peter 13
Victor 12

RBIs Ladies

Natasha 5
Dora 4
Kelly 4


Doug 6
Lou 5
Rick 4
Victor 3
Maddie 1
Natasha 1
Peter 1
Kelly 1
Dave 1


Lou 3
Peter 2
Rick 2
Victor 1

Home Runs

Lou 4
Victor 3
Peter 1
Doug 1

As you can see, everybody is contributing and nobody can beat THE TEAM.