Monday, March 29, 2010

Game 7

Dammit. We lost a close one on Sunday afternoon against The Bombers who, in reality, should have been called The Complainers. First, they strolled onto the field at about 3:37 PM (PST) when The Umpire had been calling for them to take the field since 3:30 sharp. Second, they complained about at least two calls the umpire made in our favor. One of them happened when I walked a girl in and she didn't touch homeplate, which sharp-eyed Sarah noticed. Sarah asked me to toss the ball to her, stepped on the plate and we got out #2 of the inning. This really ticked off their manager and the girl, who was just shy of asking for a CSI to come examine the bottom of her shoe to compare it to a mark on homeplate.

I digress. It was a pretty close game. There were no clear cut mistakes that led to our downfall, but since I write this post, I'll blame my pitching and the fact that I gave up a few walks. We had a chance to win it in the last inning but just couldn't pull it through.

Final score: The Bombers The Complainers 11, THE TEAM 10

Well, at least we showed up on time and we didn't complain about things. :)

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Rick said...

Sounds like a brutal afternoon. I wish I could have been there. Sounds like Sarah could be Maude-worthy.