Monday, May 10, 2010

THE TEAM - The Simulated Stomping

THE TEAM played it's second practice game and once again it was a pounding. It was at the hands of a team that we would never see in G League so we certainly have nothing to be ashamed of. We played well. We batted .516 as a team with two walks and two home runs. Although this time we may or may not have been the most attractive team on the field. THE TEAM is certainly a dazzling bunch and I know we all strive for a Falcon Theatre level of good looking. Maybe this is the season for us to accomplish that.

Anyway, what the hell was that all about

We have to think of an award to give to to the outstanding players of the game along the lines of the VGITPOSA and the Jeffrey and the Maude. Does anybody have any ideas? Seriously you bunch of deadbeats. This isn't my blog. This blog belongs to THE TEAM. Anyone?

If we had such award to acknowledge in this space it would go to Peter. Lou went 3 for 3 with a Home Run and Terrence went 3 for 3 and Chris went 3 for 3 but Peter made some great plays in the field. ( On top pf going 2 for 3 with a Home Run).

Brooke also went 2 for 3 so she is awarded the mythical bottle of Gatorade.

It's nice to have reliable statistics to reflect on but keeping them sure was the opposite of fun.

Well practice is over and the summer season will start next week. The diamonds of Burbank will run red with the blood of our enemies. (Too much?)



Anonymous said...

my vote is for Peter. He made some awesome defensive plays this week.


Lou Santini said...

What is VGITPOSA and the Jeffrey and the Maude? Am I missing something here?