Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"H" as in where the "H"ell is the other team

The Warriors completely failed to show up. It counts as a victory which is nice because we ended up spending the evening getting stomped by the Maeves Residuals. Because there is no game to examine and review and criticize, lets get into our stats for the three games that we have actually played.

Here are the batting average leaders (The number in parenthesis is how many games they have played.)

Lou (2) .889
Rick (3) .857
Dave(2) .833

Jenny (2) 1.000
Sandy (3) .500
CJ (3) .444


Peter (3) 11
Victor (3) 9
Lou (2) 8

CJ (3) 5
Destanie (3) 4
Sandy (3) 3

Doubles - Lou, Dave, Jenny, Rick, Peter

Triples - Lou, Kristin, Rick, Terrence, Victor

Somehwere in there I'm sure that Chris and Terrence have combined for between 75 and 100 strikouts but I haven't kept those statistics.


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