Monday, July 12, 2010

THE TEAM offical winning season

That was our sixth win of the season so even if we mail it in and tank our last three games we will have our third straight winning season. Yes!

It was nice to beat the Jensen Warriors. It would have been a little sweeter if that horrible little tub of goo that they had for a pitcher was there. My hope is that they kicked her off the team for being an inappropriate pain the a**. Or that she is dead (OK, perhaps that's a little strong. I just hope that she isn't somewhere thinking that they could have beat us if she was there.)

But enough about those clowns. Let's talk about THE TEAM. THE TEAM scored 12 runs. We batted .516 with a home run and 8 walks. THE TEAM defense has been pretty tight this season. We allowed only 4 runs this week. The only time we have allowed a team to score in the double digits was the one time that Chris and Terrence were not there to pitch. Good job THE TEAM!!!

As far as the scoop of ice cream goes, I was doing some math. If we have ten games and there are two scoops a game, that means there are 20 scoops of ice cream to be awarded throughout the season. There are only 15 people on THE TEAM and two of them have played zero games. That means a player can win twice so all of that coarse language was never necessary. Although "screw you Victor" can still stand for so many other reasons.

Speaking of Victor, he went 3 for 3 with 3 doubles and 2 RBIs. He is batting .727 for the season now. But screw you Victor (I knew that would come in handy) The scoop of ice cream in the Blue Milton Bradley mini-helmet goes to Peter who went 2 for 2 with a walk, a home run and 5 RBIs. Peter is leading THE TEAM with 19 RBIs on the season.

A scoop if ice cream in a Pink Milton Bradley mini-helmet goes to Destanie who went 3 for 3 with a walk and raised her season average to .609. Share the ice cream with Victor please.

We got hosed with a two out inning in the first but it just didn't matter. THE TEAM was focused and would not be stopped. Let's keep this train rolling to an H League Championship.


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Chris said...

I still don't understand how the umpire can say "I have 3 outs on my card" overrules 20 players from BOTH teams telling her there are 2 outs. Ridiculous.