Sunday, September 26, 2010

THE TEAM - Game 2

Congratulations to our entire The Team for not passing out in the 105 degree heat!  I'm glad we all survived and more importantly, we survived Will Play 4 Beer - one of the teams that beat us in pre-season.

It was a back and forth game but The Team pulled out a come from behind win.  We needed 2 runs to tie, and 3 to win going into the last inning.  Slowly but surely, we got people on base with solid hits and got the 2 runs we needed.  At the very least, we'd be forced into a tiebreaker but the bases were loaded when Rick came up to bat.  He hit a perfect line drive shot that brought Sarah in for the game winning run.

Rick is probably too modest to do so, but I'd give him Tacos for the day.  Then again, that's Rick's thing and I don't really close track of everyone's individual performances to fairly give out Tacos.  I'll name my award after another T something...let's call it the Thunderbird.  Rick is the Thunderbird for today's game for his game winning shot.

Our season now is 1-1 so let's keep the momentum going!  Go THE TEAM!!!

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Rick said...

Thank you Chris! You are correct. I would never award the tacos to myself. I accept and appreciate an award named after the favorite wine of the down and out.