Monday, January 24, 2011

Game 2 - Now it places the lotion in the basket

That's from Silence of the Lambs. That movie is 20 years old. I can't believe it either. What I can believe is that THE TEAM won 15-3 against Rapid Inebriation. Holding a team to 3 runs in slow pitch softball is something to be proud of. That puts THE TEAM at 1 and 1 and getting better. In a strange turn of events, Melody hurt her leg and had to be moved from the outfield to the infield. It turns out she can play some second base. How lucky is that! CJ has her glove in mid-season form. Justin is turning out to be a valuable addition to THE TEAM.

THE TEAM batted .438 with 2 Home Runs, a double and a triple. We also walked 7 times and struck out 6 times.

It looks like that whole Raiders of the Lost Ark thing already went to hell. Headpiece to the Staff of Ra? How silly. In keeping with the Silence of the Lambs we will award The Plum Island Animal Disease Research Center for the outstanding effort this week. Now that's an award!

Justin gets the Plum Island Animal Disease Research Center award for another great double play. He went 2 for 2 with 2 Home Runs, a walk and 5 RBIs.

Melody gets the Plum Island Animal Disease Research Center award for the ladies. She went 1 for 3 with two walks but had some great stops at second base.

Good job everyone

It's so much more fun when we win


P.S. I am missing two RBIs on the stats. We have Justin (5) Lou(4) Chris (2) Andrew (1) and Rick (1). That's only 13 but we scored 15. What did I miss? Any help?

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Chris said...

Did Peter get some RBIs this game? He usually does.