Wednesday, February 16, 2011

These Go to Eleven

As we found out in our doubleheader this past weekend, apparently it is OK by the rule books to have a PA system complete with annoying jazz/rap/funk music playing throughout the entire game AND a team member is allowed to take the microphone and provide live commentary during the last inning.

In preparation for our next game, I went ahead and ordered two (2) Marshall double stack amps and a CD entitled 'Sounds of the German Blitzkrieg 1939-1941' in preparation for our next game against the Eye Catchers.

Was I the only one annoyed by that, or was I the only one whose ears could not tune it out?


Jenny said...

I was annoyed. On the one hand it was sorta cool, but on the other hand it mostly was supremely annoying.

CJ said...

No it was annoying, but I tried to dance to it just so I wouldn't go over and strangle the eye catcher.
This was the same ump that said I couldn't hang the banner in the outside because it was distracting to the other team. Huh? Ok if that happens again I'm calling him out.
Goodthing he caught me when I was sick. CJ00

Melody said...

Having music playing low and something everyone enjoys is one thing.... But to have it blaring rap while jumbled words are being screamed through a toy microphone is definately annoying. I only wish Lou was there to giva a commentary of his own :)

LOU said...

GODDAMN I WISH I WOULD HAVE BEEN THERE FOR THESE NIMRODS. I will be armed with a full bag of sarcasm....and hell, I'll bring my live CD and play it from beginning to end. It's an hour long. Why hasn't anyone complained to the league? That doesn't sound like it's by the rules.