Sunday, March 13, 2011

Game 6 - !!!!!

That was a great comeback in an important game for THE TEAM. H1We1 was a G League team that came down to H League after the first round. Beating them would be essential if we want play for the championship. THE TEAM had a slow start and finished the first inning down 5 to 0. That's quite a hole to dig out of. The nice thing is that nobody came unglued. We kept it together and chipped away at their lead little by little.

THE TEAM batted a season-low .370 with no home runs. There were only two hits for extra bases all game. However, the defense was strong holding them to only two runs for the rest of the game and THE TEAM was able to get it together when we needed to for an 11-7 win. It seemed like everybody was doing just enough at just the right time.

In the Fall 2009 season after our first win we said that if everyone died of a heroin overdose THE TEAM would still not have a losing season. (They had all been losing seasons up to that point.) Chris Commented "Sweet! Let's get some heroin".

Heroin for Chris for going 3 for 4 with a double and 3 RBIs on top of bouncing back from a rough start to show why is the best pitcher in H League.

Heroin for Robbin who had 2 RBIs in a tight game.


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