Sunday, June 24, 2012

Giving it Away to Thee Rookies

Thee Rookies where a savvy bunch.  They knew what they were going to have to do to win.  But the truth is that THE TEAM gave that game away.  There were errors all over the place.  THE TEAM batted a season low .480 with only 2 doubles.


That one hurt and not just because Dave bled all over the place.  It was probably my least favorite game since that fucked up pitcher from The Jensen Warriors wanted to fight everybody a few seasons ago.  ( I think nobody remembers that.  There are a lot of new people on THE TEAM)




Lou said...

Ah, yes, the Jensen Warriors. I do remember them. Glad they're outta picture, however, we are a different, better team now and I'd love to rematch them. Please take care of yourself, Dave! Let your wife baby you! Cuz I ain't doin' it. Again. Seriously, feel better! Yeah, the better team did NOT win that one. That's two games we've given away. Why do we do the come from behind games and the short handed games successfully, but we're fully staffed and we lost? Errors are one thing, and cold bats are another, but we can't have both on the same day. Next week we take it out on the much improved Flappers.

Melody said...

Wasn't that the team that said our women were trained? Very frustrating missing the ball by inches. I think I will get my self stretched. Hope you're doing well and getting plenty of rest Dave.