Monday, July 16, 2012

Weak 9

There is nothing to write about this week because The Fockers could not wrangle up enough women to play a game.  I told Mario to call Lou next time.

The week before nobody wrote on the blog.  That's because Chris and Jenny are no longer on THE TEAM and I struck out.  I have struck out 5 times in 115 games and I don't handle it well.  Yes, I know it makes me sound like some broken-hearted imbecile but all of the details of the game zoom right by I am left with a blizzard of f-words.

Here comes one now


The Bombers are a fun team to play.  They are pretty good so it feels competitive but they can't seem to beat us.  Victory number six is always sweet because that sews up another winning season for THE TEAM.  We usually have some heroin after that one.

Now I will make some things up to add more words to this post

I did not strikeout in Game 8




Lou said...

Dude, try fouling out 3 times, which I have done. And I got called out because I "stepped in front of home" plate after I had hit two homers in one game; and clearly the ump didn't want me to get 3. You're one of the guys that gets us our winning record every season (since we stopped sucking), so don't sweat it. In other news, even though it doesn't hurt, I have a nice ball print on my shoulder from your throw from first. :-) Looks cool. I tell people it's from the riot police when i was protesting something.

Jenny said...

Even though I don't play on the Team anymore, I still read the blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny! It's nice to know you still care. Dave