Monday, November 19, 2012


It's true. THE TEAM has finally won it all.  After 14 seasons, 78 wins and 62 losses with so many great players coming and going.  After losing to WP4B in the Winter 2012 Season and losing to Fugittaboudit in the Summer 2011 season.  THE TEAM beat Balls N' Dolls 21-19 and are Finally Champions.


THE TEAM played like champions.  We won the toss but chose to be visitors so we could bat first.  Lou hit a leadoff triple.  Melody walked.  Peter hit a 3-run Home Run and THE TEAM never looked back.  Everybody was hitting.  There were zero strikeouts and 4 walks.  Even the outs were good hits.  THE TEAM didn't give away any at-bats.

There was a lot to be proud of.  We played within ourselves and never came unglued when things didn't go our way.

                                    THE TEAM knew if we played our game we could not lose.

                                             We battled the sun and won that one too!

                                                   Natasha and Lou both pitched beautifully

                                                              Tastes like victory


                                    Let's look at this picture again. It's a nice one. Thanks Bonnie

        Thank you also to Jenny for starting THE TEAM.  To Tyler for starting this blog.  To Sandy for keeping THE TEAM going.  To CJ for keeping THE TEAM alive when Sandy left.  To Chris and Dave and Victor and Terrence and Destanie who set a high standard and helped turn THE TEAM into winners.  And to the man upstaris Garry Marshall for those sweet awnings on the diamond we were supposed to play on.

GO THE TEAM!!!                              


Jenny said...


Chris #99 said...

I knew I was the one holding you back.

Congrats, THE TEAM!!!!

Melody said...

I always thought we were Champions.... just tend to play hard to get. I have played adult softball on and off for the past 18 years, from Corona to the Valley to Burbank. I must say I have never played on a better team then The Team,,,, thanks for bringing me on Lou and thanks for keeping me (and my F words) Rick. That was a well deserved win!

Lou said...

Is it wrong that I was a little choked up after the game? That was a great team effort, with great composure (believe me, I bit my tongue many times with Balls n Dolls and their lame walks). LOVED Mel's catch, only to one up it with a big out between Kelly/Me/Peter. I didn't know it was that close until they told us. I say we wear our Championship shirts to the first game.