Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Game 9 - Two halves two different games or the death of the Championship dream

Throughout this blog it is acknowledged that losing sucks no matter how you slice it.  It turns out there are always new slices and they all suck too.

THE TEAM started slow.  THE TEAM logo should be that green cross that you see on the medical marijuana dispensaries.  At the end of three it was 16 to not a chance in hell.  There were insane errors that didn't look like the usual mistakes that are bound to happen.  THE TEAM was hitting .363 with only 4 singles and no runs after everybody had an at-bat.  Disaster.

After all of that THE TEAM held The Swingers to zero runs in the next three innings.  THE TEAM batted .608 and scored 10 runs but an ass kicking is an ass kicking.  THE TEAM couldn't shake the "not a chance in hell" deal. 

The Swingers were undefeated in the second round so even if THE TEAM wins next week and The Swingers lose they will take first place in the tiebreaker.  The loss they were telling Victor about was in the first round.

So not a chance in hell



Lou said...

I saw a butterfly during the game. That was nice.

Anonymous said...

You also helped me with a deep dish beauty of a double-play. Couldn't have done it without you assessing the batter and moving me into position. You've never failed me with that, Captain!


Melody said...

I also saw the butterfly flutter by... it was nice.