Monday, October 14, 2013

Game 6 - The Full Garcia

I'd Hit That must have closets full of multicolored sportswear.  They were Fugitabouditt and then they became The Fockers and now, after a season off, they are back as I'd Hit That.  They are a nice group and we always had a lot of fun playing them.  Usually it would be a good close game and  THE TEAM would win.  So that adds up.

It was pretty tight and then Lou and Victor each hit a Grand Slam.  There was a late rally and some atrocities in the field but THE TEAM held on to win 15-14 with Natasha snagging the last out.  That's something that doesn't get a lot of attention in this blog that belongs to all of THE TEAM but only one asshole writes on.  Natasha always does a great job pitching but she also does a perfect job fielding her position.  That can be tricky adjusting to weak little bounces and sizzling rockets that can zoom past a pitcher.

Summer gets a George Teague jersey.  She went 2 for 4 and moved Peter into scoring position but she was an absolute hero in the outfield.  Summer is locked in.

The Hepatitis Steroid Cheese Dog goes to Victor with a side of Griffey elbow and Bagwell legs, knees, or whatever the hell he was doing.  Victor had two Doubles and a Grand Slam giving him 7 RBIs on the day. 

Not even an annoying (if adorable ) barking dog could stop THE TEAM 

The second round is ripe with promise



Lou said...

Ok, so we had some errors, some mental, some "could happen to anyone". The first half of the season and already, we have literally scene only two hitters who can go deep (we have four, at least). So if we don't play so deep, back each other up in every position and remember that even if the ball is the opposite field of you, EVERYONE is involved in the play. Our bats looked good, even the people who got out at first, hit solid and hustled and that's all one can ask.

On an other note, the umpire was a dick. We're up 13-4 and he starts giving the other team calls that were clearly in our favor and as a result, we have to fight to stay on top. Just call the call and if the mercy rule takes effect, great, because frankly, in the event of a tie in the rankings, the team with the least points against goes to the championship.

Summer had one of the best shoestring catches ever, and Natasha is the best pitcher in the league. I said it.

Melody said...

First I must address the "asshole" comment.... Which is so far from the truth. He happens to be a great writer, captain,player and an awesome first baseman. So truth be told he isn't an asshole after all. :). Although I also would like to say Shannon did a great job running for me and Lou had a fantastic leap catch. Great job out field Summer and amazing pitching Natasha.