Monday, June 23, 2014

Game 5 - F U League

There was a similar post after the first round of last season.  THE TEAM was led to slaughter in E League and looking forward to more realistic competition in F League.  This time THE TEAM is through turning into the skid of F League and ready to just fishtail off the highway down into G League.

Sounds like fun.

THE TEAM was lookin' good against Water Tower Productions.  It was 5-2 and then it was 5-3 and then there was a blizzard of line drives.  Old and young alike were united in their vision of smooching line drives through the infield or plopping them in front of the outfielders.  Assholes.


Lets look at the leaders after the first round

Batting Average (Gentlemen)

.909  Doug
.813  Lou
1.000 Victor because he went 3 for 3 in the one game he played in

Batting Average (Ladies)

.643  Aerial
.556  Melody
.467  Dora

RBIs (Gentlemen)

8  Peter
4  Doug
3  Lou
3  Rick

RBIs (Ladies)

5  Dora
3  Aerial
2  Melody


4  Lou
3  Rick
2  Melody
2  Doug
2  Dora
1  Aerial
1  Victor
1  Dave


3  Lou
1  Rick

Home Runs

1  Peter

So that was real and officially recorded here in the blog of record.  There have been encouraging moments in the first round and THE TEAM is clearly athletic enough to win a few in any league if there were some form of consistency in focus and attendance. 

You gotta have goals


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Lou said...


I'd say hitting for The Team: B-

Fielding: C+

Not to say there weren't great hitting streaks, good hustle (I'm looking at you Dora and Aerial!) and great plays in the outfield...but we gotta make the easy ones and be consistent. Then I think problem solved. We only had a handful with fingers remaining of hits that went over our heads. We get "bloop shotted" to death, so if we can manage that gap....