Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Best THE TEAM Ever

It's true.  There are several players that were part of that Fall 2012 Championship team.  Lou, Melody, Natasha, Doug, Peter, Dora and Kelly were all there the last time THE TEAM won it all.  Without minimizing the efforts of the rest that squad, you have to call Aerial, Maddie, Natalia, Victor, and Dave an upgrade.

The Winter 2015 group went through the first round undefeated and finished the season 8-2.  The new format meant that there were two post season games instead of one so it took ten total victories to get to the color t-shirts.

THE TEAM scored 50 runs in two post season games.

Pitches Be Crazy should have been called Pitches Be Absent.  They were a few players short but THE TEAM did what you are supposed to do and stomped to a 28-6 victory mercy rule style.

 Best THE TEAM ever.



Anonymous said...

With the best THE TEAM manager ever. :)

Anonymous said...

Now hopefully they will give me a shirt that fits! Great game regardless...:-)