Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Doubleheader in The Summer

THE TEAM split a Doubleheader.  This was done by hitting a season high .710 in the first game and then unveiling a swiss cheese defense in Game 2.

Aren't Dave's Home Runs the best?  He looks like Charlie running home to tell Grandpa Joe about his Golden Ticket.

There are also a couple of milestones to acknowledge.  Peter join Lou in the rare air of the 300 hit club.  Victor joined Melody, Dora, Doug, and Natasha in the 100 hit club.

This is history people!



Lou Santini said...

Today...today...today...I consider myself...myself...myself....the luckiest TEAMmate....TEAMmate...TEAMmate...on the face of the Burbank Softball Fields... *starts crying, tips hat to crowd of hot Latin, Armenian and Asian broads*....

Lou Santini said...

Let's not forget 17 runs in one inning AND the Mercy Rule in game one! And a 7 run inning to pull ahead (for an inning) in game 2! I AM NOT A ROBOT! I AM HUMAN BEING!