Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The First Round

THE TEAM finished the first round 4-1 and punched our ticket to the playoffs.  Here's an odd detail:  There were no upsets in D League.  The first place team went 5-0.  The second place team (THE TEAM) went 4-1 with the only loss being to the first place team (The DL).  The third place team went 3-2 etc. you get it.  OK maybe odd isn't the right word.  Odd would be finding out that the umpire is Laz Diaz disguised as someone who wants to sell you a reverse mortgage.  Or a black market kidney

OK here are the leaders at the halfway point:

Batting Avg Gentlemen

.667 Jimmy
.647 Lou
.636 Peter

Batting Avg Ladies

.786 Lauren
.600 Melody
.500 Kelly

RBIs Gentlemen

16 Rick
11 Peter
8  Dave Q

RBIs Ladies

5 Melody
4 Natasha
4 Dora


4 Dave Q
3 Lou
2 Jimmy
1 Lauren
1 Rick
1 Dora


7 Lou
1 Rick

Home Runs

4 Peter
1 Lou
1 Jimmy
1 Rick

Overall THE TEAM hit .524 with a +10 Run Differential.  THE TEAM also notched win number 100 in the Modern Era.  Lou hit his 100th Home Run and Melody collected her 100th RBI.  That's a lot of things.  Kelsey got her first career hit and that was a for real grounder right up the middle.



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Lou said...

I'm not gonna lie, that loss sucked; being in the last inning and all. Plus I hate those walkers. However, it's nice to be back in the playoffs and I love the direction The Team is taking: new management lets Rick enjoy himself more, getting help from me and Rick when Natasha isn't available. We have three to five pitchers that can get it done. We have wheels: Lou, Dave, Kelly, Lauren, Dave Q, Natasha. We have power: J-Bone, Peter, Dave Q, Rick. Have heart and people who'd rather strike out than take a walk: Melody, Dora, Kelsey, Daniyel. And we're one of the older teams in the league and we're always a threat and a contender. Our defense the last few games has been like a fundamental training video. Notice Lauren has the highest batting average overall! Three of our women are hitting at .500 or above. Where we're slipping is RBIs. That changes and we're undefeated and going to the Championship!