Sunday, August 10, 2008

Idea For Next Season

I was thinking we should do something intimidating next season. Something to strike fear into the hearts of our opponents. My idea is this - we all get ready in the dugout and then charge screaming onto the field together! Think of all of the great movie battlefield scenes - Lord of the Rings, 300, Troy, Gladiator, etc. The sight and sound of thousands of warriors rushing at anyone would make the strongest of armies poop their pants.

Granted, we are only 10 players on a softball diamond, but we could still make some noise. I say we run out there and shout things like, "Play for glory!" or "This is for Asgard!"

Who's with me?


chris. said...

Chris, that is an awesome idea! I am SO totally with you.

Tyler said...

Ok, we'll do it, but only if someone films us running out like that in super slow motion.

CJ said...

Hey Chris, That is a brilliant idea! and Tyler had a great idea we can shoot slow mo like "Chariots of Fire" running scene..
I think we should also wear some armor :-)See ya the partay !

Lillian said...

Can we bring a boombox so we can have a soundtrack?