Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Game 10

I don't know if I can pinpoint one single moment Where It All Went to Hell. I think I tried to block most of the first game versus Salem Heat AKA The Whiny Douche Bag Bitches out of my mind at this point. The one cool thing I do remember is Kareena's awesome catch in right field! Okay, okay, I'm incredibly biased but I'm really proud of her.

Salem Heat protested a infield fly / foul ball called when they were up by 4 runs in the second to last inning, which I thought was lame. Turns out the umpire made the correct call. When protesting a call, as far as I've understood it, the ump is only supposed to be spoken to by managers, not yelled at by 2 members of the team like these guys were doing.

The other lame thing they did was when that dude at second wanted a time out with bases loaded to go tell the batter something with two minutes left in the game. What kind of strategy can you give when bases are loaded? "Hit the ball good"? Gimme a break. That team really peeved me off, so I hope we get to play them again next season. I'm bringing my brass knucks the next time.

The opponents of the team after us, Baxter-Bierney, failed to show so we played a fun scrimmage game with them which was good. We lost that one, too, but at least it was fun and light-hearted like the majority of our games this season.


Lillian said...

Oh, good. Someone posted something. I was about to go type something when I saw this post! Good job Chris.

Tyler said...

I really hope that The Whiny Douche Bag Bitches went out to dinner to celebrate afterward and they all got food poisoning. That would be sweet revenge.

That timeout call was probably the most ridiculous and unsportsmanlike display that I've ever seen.

Jenny said...

I like the blue sides.