Monday, September 29, 2008

1 and 1

This week's game was a dream come true for The Team. We won! That's right, we played for all of you that weren't there, we played our hearts out and we won! We ALMOST could have won by 10 points or more, but unfortunately there was a bit of a mixup mid-game that, with any other team (such as the Salem Heat) would have been ridiculously poor sportsmanship. However, with this team and our team combined, it ended up being a bit of confusion.

The scene:

There is a player on first and another on second. A pop fly is hit to the pitcher and it is caught (but to the ump it looks like it is just picked up because it is caught so close to the dirt). The runners are completely confused. The person on second doesn't touch back but runs to third. The person on first never runs. The ball is all over the place -- thrown to first (runner out), thrown to third (safe) thrown to second where nobody is (an out?).

Teacher Time AKA Forgetaboutit sees 3 outs and all the runners leave their bases but a new guy goes up to the plate to bat. There is confusion and a conference ensues between the coaches and the ump. The Ump says there are two outs--the Forgetaboutits conference and say it is possible three.

Finally the ump explains himself:
1. The ball was not caught
2. The batter is out at first
3. The people at 1st and 2nd should go back to where they were
4. There is 1 out

So in reality...there are at least 2 outs:
1. The ball is not caught but the batter was out at first by throw
2. The guy on first never ran to second and so when the base at second was touched the other guy should be out.
3. Even if the guy on first isn't out at second, he's out at 1st because he was still standing there during the batter force-out.

The Team continues to play and the Forgetaboutits make 6 runs against their foes who are immensely confused by the previous play. Luckily, like every other team we play against usually, we were up by a lot already. So, suddenly the score was 11-7 and we just had to hold 'em.

And we did! They got 1-2-3 outs on our batters and went up thinking they were tied but then disappointed when they learned they were losing by 4. We held them with some fabulous plays by everyone on The Team.

So next week, let's remember our victory and play like we mean it the whole way through. Go The Team!

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chris. said...

Wow, just reading that post confused me! Congrats, you guys! Hopefully we will win again so we can taste victory once more!!! Go THE TEAM!!!