Monday, September 15, 2008


After Sunday's game - the Pre-season game 2, I think we need to work on our strategy. There are some things that we did great in Game 1 that we forgot how to do in Game 2 under the pressure of massively losing. Sure, we know now why we are not placed in League C...we know that we are more comfortable playing the Amistar Allstars down in League E. It's more fun to play at our own level, don't you think? Great things can at Game 1. There's a better flow.

So what's this about new strategies? Even though we don't expect to play any more games against these high-level teams, it doesn't hurt to be prepared. I only have two suggestions to assist in a less painful defeat.

Strategy: Against all natural inclinations you may have, hold the ball.

Example: You are playing in the infield and get the ball and throw to one of the bases for an out. There's an overthrow or an error which that next infielder fields and tries to make things right by throwing it on to another base where the runner is now going. STOP. This is your chance to employ the new strategy. Hold the ball, throw to the pitcher, avoid further error.

Strategy: Throw to the easy base or the cut-off.

Example: You are playing in the outfield. The other team hits a roller deep. You rush to get it and throw as far as you can to nobody in particular. STOP. Throw it to the cut-off, whomever it is. Cut-off, this is your chance to make a good decision. Throw to the next closest and try to get the ball to the pitcher...don't throw to home, it's a lose-lose situation. Avoid the overthrow! In the softball clinic they gave us a tip that was spectacular. It was "If you can't throw the distance needed, try to make it with only one solid bounce in front of the intended." A good tip for all!

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Good points. Thanks for the post, Carrie.