Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Against the A-Team

This week's game brought a disappointing loss to all the players of THE TEAM that were present. The A-team was a good opponent matching our skill level in ways that other teams have not succeeded.

We started off on fire, good defense, good offense, runs coming in and holding 'em. And then we started to win and we started to slack off. Maybe we got lazy, maybe we were bored, or maybe we just got a little careless in our excitement.

Mid-game we had a couple of errors where the other team got a couple of runs (much undeserved). In the last inning it was down to the wire, the score was 8-9 and we had a man on third for the tie. Unfortunately, the third out came first and we lost.

But hey, as a wise man once said, at least we know what to do next week, right?

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Joey said...

I have it on good authority that this group was convicted of a crime that they didn't commit in 1972. They're still wanted by the US Government. Perhaps we can use this to our advantage in the next game?