Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Important Infield Factoid

This little fact is important to all those who play in the infield, particularly to those of us who play Pitcher, Catcher and First.

When we are in the field and the other team is at bat, if one of their players takes long lead-offs and lingers getting back to the base after the pitch, the ball can be thrown to the person at that base (eg, First Base) and that person can tag them out if they're not standing on it. SO, if you have the ball, it's in-between pitches, and the opponent is lingering, throw the ball to the person at the base (who's paying attention!) and we can get ourselves a quick and easy out.


Carrie said...

But they can't steal even if there is an overthrow, right?

Joey said...

I believe they could steal.

Alternatively, the pitcher can just pitch the ball quickly after getting it. Technically they can't be off the base as the ball is pitched, so this could work as well.

Jenny said...

Well, if it was an overthrow, I don't think they could steal, but I do think they might be awarded a base because of the overthrow, which is different from stealing.