Saturday, September 26, 2009

#14 Leigh Anne

We have all answered these questions. Oh wait, not all of us. There are new people. Let's learn about #14 Leigh Anne.

1) How did you end up on THE TEAM?
I work with Carrie and used to work with Sandy. CJ suggested hubby Rob play on the team so he did, knowing the sports enthus that he is. The Team seemed like a fun place to be and great group of cats to hang with so I asked to play too!

What positions have you played so far this season? Do you have a favorite?
Do you have a favorite? Catcher, this being my first game today of the season. Otherwise I like the one in between RF and CF...rover? And I like catcher on hot days so I'm in the shade...he he he!

3) Is there a special reason you chose 14 for your jersey number?
I chose 14 cause my daughter's birthday is on Valentines Day.

4) Did you play sports in school? What teams were you on and what school did you play for?
I played softball when I was much younger...elementary school until I tried to catch the ball with my nose and fractured it...that was the end of softball. In high school I was on the swim team for all 4 years, I loved it and to this day if I could choose any sport it would be swimming...except to watch...Lakers take that one! Oh and I went to Glendale High.

5) Besides your outstanding softball ability, what other talents do you have?
I'm highly organized, I have useless info about all sorts of music and musical groups, I can wiggle my nose without moving my face, I leap tall buildings in a single bounce, I can always make someone feel better and I'm curiously strong at lifting things like an altoid.

6) Can I have $50

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