Sunday, September 20, 2009

No More Mister Nice Team - Game 1

THE TEAM is actually undefeated. Is it just me or should we be pretty proud? I took a poll and it came out 1-0 that we should be proud. We were ahead and then fell behind 7-4. Then it was 9-5. Then we had seven run inning to go up 12-9. At that point Lillian came back in and slammed the door. There was a home run by Dave and almost another home run by Peter. There was a great catch to end the game by Destanie. Strong!

Before these posts got sidetracked last season, I wanted to post a Manny Ramirez Is That Guy on Something Award for each game. Victor won one and seemed determined to get another one. I was sure he was going to end up in an ambulance. Manny is only batting .283 with 13 home runs and 54 strikeouts in the post-suspension narrative. (These aren't horrible numbers but are they worth $23,000,000?) Anyway, this season we are going to go with the Victor Garcia Is That Player on Something Award (VGITPOSA).

Game 1 is easy. Lillian gets the VGITPOSA for her great job pitching.



Leigh Anne said...

I agree, Lillian MVP or VGITPOSA for sure! Go Team!

Lillian said...

Yay! Thanks you guys. It really helps to have the team encouraging you on the field when you're pitching. It's friggin nerve-racking! Looking forward to next week!