Monday, November 16, 2009

No More Mister Nice Team - Game 9

I wasn't really paying attention. Were you? THE TEAM won 24-4. Was it just me or was that a rather unrewarding win. We didn't play that well but the Riverside Cafe 86ers were making one horrible error after another. At a certain point it seemed like they were no longer having fun. In seasons past we have been that team. You know, The Moment It All Went to Hell. So when they just wanted it to end it seemed like less fun.

Leigh Anne's game was clearly VGITPOSA worthy but Leigh Anne already has a VGITPOSA. It seemed like a good idea to not have a player win more than one so that leaves... I wasn't really paying attention. Peter and Lou hit home runs. CJ is making a habit of throwing runners out at third which is a serious slice of awesome. Sarah could come up with with nobody on base and still get a couple of RBIs. Victor slid head first into second which always makes me wince like I'm watching some skater blast his testicles through the roof of his mouth trying to grind a rail.

But enough of my fertilizer! This isn't my blog. This blog belongs to THE TEAM!!!




THE TEAM is 7-2. We have another shot at the Unicorns. If we win that one we make the playoffs. I promise to pay attention to that one.


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Leigh Anne said...

Everyone deserves it!