Sunday, November 1, 2009

No More Mister Nice Team - Game 7

THE TEAM is now 5-2. That means that we cannot have a losing season. Even if #00CJ and #1Destanie and #4Jenny and #12Lillian and #14Leigh Anne and #26Meredith and #42Sarah and #3Lou and #11Dave and #16Terrence and #24Peter and #27John and #31Victor and #99Chris all died of a heroine overdose we would still not have a losing season. (Sandy and I would probably lose the rest of the games, although Sandy had a sweet shot down third base in this game.)

There were two home runs by Dave. There were RBIs in bunches from Sarah. There was a super macho play on a line drive by Chris. Victor was rock solid in Left Field (and noisy as hell. Come on Victor!) Terrence is so fast it's not even fair. Lillian sacrifced her body and had to be carried off on her shield. It all added up to a 14-12 victory over Fugittaboudit.

The VGITPOSA goes to CJ for the double play to end the game. That was some heads up softball.


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Chris said...

Sweet, let's get some heroin!!!!