Sunday, January 10, 2010

Game 1 - You want a toe? I can get you a toe!

The mad dash for Winter 2010 theme landed on The Big Lebowski. I hope everybody saw it.

THE TEAM came out hitting and beat Fugittaboudit 22-16. Terrence did an outstanding job pitching. Peter made a great play on a line drive and Lou climbed the ladder to steal a base hit.

THE TEAM allowed two runs in the first and then got 6 runs back. After that everybody was hitting like crazy. It was a thing of beauty. Well, OK maybe "beauty" is a strong word, but the point is that we were hitting well and often and piling up the runs. By the 5th inning it was 18-2 and then Fugittaboudit remembered how to hit. There were only a couple of errors by THE TEAM, they got their ten runs in the inning with a lot of good hits. In the 6th THE TEAM and Fugittaboudit both scored four more runs.

Sweet Victory

Far F**kin' Out

What I had in mind as far as acknowledging the efforts of THE TEAM was to award both a lady and a gentleman something silly along the lines of the VGITPOSA. In keeping with The Big Lebowski I thought the outstanding male player could be The Dude and the outstanding female could be Maude Lebowski. Of course Maude Lebowski is not exactly a sunshiney protagonist but she is better than Bunny (Compulsive fornicator!). Let's go with Jeffrey and Maude. (Unless somebody has a better idea)

Victor hit a home run and, if memory serves, Peter hit one too but Game 1 Jeffrey is Dave for hitting a grand slam.

Sarah continued the RBI express but Game 1 Maude is Sandy for the hitting the RBI and scoring runs once she was on base.



Anonymous said...

Victor's home run was a grand slam too.


Rick said...

Are you sure? I thought it was three runs. Please vote accordingly.