Monday, January 18, 2010

Game 2 - The royal "we", you know, the editorial...

There is something about the 5th inning. We had the Bombers at 2 runs and then in the 5th inning the bad guys start hitting. So it was 16 to 9 by the time the time we cashed in the third out there and then Mr. Umpire gave them there next three outs right away. That seemed fishy to me but in the end it completely did not matter. It was 16-10. THE TEAM wins

Condolences! The bums lost!

Lou had a grand slam and that is Jeffrey worthy but Terrence had something like four strikouts and around two walks so Terrence gets the Game 2 Jeffrey.

THE TEAM was operating with the minimum as far as women go. Sarah, CJ, Anabel and Sandy all had great games so it's hard to choose. Lets welcome Anabel and acknowledge her high OBP and cracking the code on keeping the ball in front of her by naming her Game 2 Maude.


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