Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Game 3 and Game 4. Eight year olds, Dude

That was a lot of softball in a single day. It was not a lot of runs though. Twelve runs in two games is a little below the recently elevated standards of THE TEAM. We have elevated standards don't we? So THE TEAM is 2-2 so far for the Winter 2010 Season. It has been a week so I am going to skip the Jeffs and the Maudes. It was kind of a hectic day and nobody reads this bullshit anyway.

Superbowl week = no games. Valentine's Day = no games. February 21st is the make up date for a game we already played so there is a suspension of continuity in these posts. But nobody reads this bullshit anyway.

Man I want to play softball



Lillian said...

Thanks for posting this stuff, even though no one reads this bullshit anyway. Except for me.

Chris said...

I read this bullshit!!!! I also want to play softball again. Are we going to practice on what would have been our game make up day?

Lou Santini said...

I will now officially read this bullshit! New computer was the answer maybe?

Anonymous said...

And by the way, no game on Valentine's Day is the dumbest thing ever. What's more romantic than someone watching their significant other play sports and cheering them on? And in Lillian's case, getting injured every other game? :-)